Thursday, 8 June 2017

Day 1: Somehow we made it!

Well here we are in Waikiki. The view from our room is magnificent...31st floor. However we have only our carry on bags. Huge storm in Sydney so left Canberra 2 hours late then held in holding pattern. Once we finally got to International we found that they had offloaded us because they didn't think we could make it on time. Then the crew who arrived were out of hours so more delay.  They got us back on the flight...down the back with the freaking kids!!! Arrived in Honolulu to be told our bags were still in Sydney!!! Soooo we are off to buy a tshirt and toothbrushes etc. We have US$45 each to spend. Woo hoo..go nuts eh??? The only upside..Starbucks is in the lobby!!! Hopefully bags will arrive via Jetstar tomorrow morning. Due in at 6am..  The holiday can only go up from here!!!!
Miss you all. xxx

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