Tuesday, 7 August 2012


Trevor did a double ascent of Mt Taylor yesterday. He actually went down and then up "my" track. It is a great training track as the surface is uneven and the terrain quite varied. It proved to be a good training track for the Grouse Grind ... although that (the Grind) was really something else! I had expected it to be a much more formed track than what it turned out to be. Just as well I did so much of my training on my very unformed and rough track. It will be interesting to compare my track with what we hike over in the Flinders Ranges.

Generally Trevor is finding the climbs easier each time he tackles them. He is generally able to go further before he stops for a breather. The pain he had in his shoulder seems to have gone and he has only had the occasional pain in his elbow and arm. Things are getting better.

I still need to do a final check on the clothes I will take for walking. At present I have too many pairs of hiking pants. I need to decide which ones are most comfortable when I'm wearing thermal underwear with them. The weather at this time of year in the Flinders Ranges can get quite chilly although generally not as cold as Canberra. As we have done early morning walks in sub zero temperatures we are not expecting to find the coolness too much of a problem and I doubt whether I will actually need to wear thermals ... although my hiking pants are lighter than what I normally wear when it is cold so I need to have some just in case.

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