Thursday, 13 September 2012

What next?

Well, I have put a selection of photos in with the various days write ups of the Flinders Ranges trip. Done!

Our next multi-day planned walk is the Coast to Coast across England. I made the booking last week and paid the deposit. Now it is just a matter of ensuring an adequate level of fitness and then doing all the other necessary bookings: flights to England, train to St Bees, the start of the walk, and the post walk stuff.

Trevor is busily working on his fitness.

We will be walking some 190 miles in 13 days. The distance alone is not the issue. I think we could do this without much concern. The problem is adding height gains to the distance as well as the steepness of those height gains. I definitely need contour or detailed hiking maps to get a better understanding of terrain that has been labelled as steep. I've ordered a book which will supposedly provide the necessary detail and am eagerly awaiting its arrival from England.

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