Thursday, 18 October 2012

C2C Stage 5: Glenridding to Shap

 Day 6 and a little shorter, just, than some of the other days!

Glenridding (150m) to Shap (250m)
Distance 17 miles/27km - Height Gain 760m/2500ft - 9 hours

An early start today with an 8:30am departure from Glenridding. We expect to arrive in Slap aroun5:30pm.

See the previous stage for the first bit of the terrain profile. We will be starting just before mile 46 and finish at mile 61ish.

This stage sees us leave the Lacke District however the crags, knotts, pikes and fells that have been our high-level companions for the past few stages won't let us go without a struggle. Be prepared to be very tired indeed at the end of this stage. The long climb up to Kidsty Pike, the gnarly descent from it to Haweswater and the undulating trawl along the lake's edge adds up to well over 1300 metres of total ascent. Together it all conspires to make the seemingly harmless spin down over fields and farmland to Shap enough to curse the very name of Wainwright.

So, here goes.

A short valley walk then a sharp steep walk up to Boredale Hause (400m), the rocky path now climbs with less gradient past Angle Tarn and close to Satura Crag (600m), it descends to 500m and then climbs sharply again to round The Knott (739m). The route then turns sharp left onto High Street, an old Roman Road, and then right onto Kidsty Pike (780m) the highest point on route. From here look back across the Lake District and then turn to view the Eden Valley and the Pennine Mountains. We descend gradually at first then steeply down to Haweswater (250m), and follow the rocky path alongside the banks of the reservoir to Burnbanks. The terrain eases as the route crosses undulating farmland to Shap.
  • The Romans built High Street to link the Roman forts at Ambleside and Penrith.
  • Haweswater reservoir was created by Manchester Corporation when they dammed and flooded the valley in 1935.
  • The ruins of Shap Abbey stand by the banks of the River Lowther. 
There are several pubs serving evening meals and a few village shops.

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