Friday, 21 December 2012

Helpful phone app

I have finally got around to loading an app onto my phone to track some of my walks. I picked the Runtastic app. The basic version is free. You get voice feedback for the first 2km of the "workout". To get voice feedback beyond the 2km mark requires the Pro version for which there is a charge. I'll make sure that I am happy with Runtastic first before shelling out money on the Pro version ... although it does have some useful features such as being able to add images during your workout ... tempting when climbing mountains!

Yesterday (Thursday 20 December) was the first trial. I did the walk home from Cooleman Court via the Stanhope Highway. Not only did I get an accurate distance record but also details of height gained and lost across. The details of the activity, you can nominate whether walking, running or any one of about 30 other forms of activity you are doing, can be stored and referenced later. It was good to see the profile across the route I took although the pace did look a little lumpy. Still, overall it was great to see the statistics.
  • Distance: 6.09km
  • Elevation (gain/loss): 164m / 129m

In the evening I walked to the end of Marconi Crescent, one of my regular night walks, and managed to loose the data before it was uploaded. Bother!

Not to be defeated, I did a shorter walk to work out what went wrong and this time managed to save and upload the stats.

This morning (Friday 21 December - even if the uploaded stats is insisting that the date is still the 20th ... I need to work out how to set the time zone ... which I finally managed to do so that activities are now recorded against the correct day) I went out with Trevor on his morning Inkster Street walk so that he could get an accurate measure of the distance he walks each morning. It turned out that the circuit was exactly 5km.
  • Distance: 5.00km
  • Elevation (gain/loss): 63m / 63m 
 Trevor regularly rides from home around Lake Tuggeranong. I've walked and run this circuit, too. Today I measured the distance:
  • Distance: 12.64km
  • Elevation (gain/loss): 65m / 65m
This was a longish walk in the heat of the day.

I'll add statistics from other regular walks as I do them.

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