Sunday, 2 June 2013

May update

May has been a funny (as in odd) month. I seem to have been tied up with numerous activities that have limited my walking. For once Trevor has well and truly outwalked me.

I did manage over 30,000 steps on the first day of the month. It was another 4 weeks before I repeated what is normally quite a regular achivement. Not in May!

Most of the interfering activities related to swimming, firstly school swimming stuff then my more regular Swimming ACT things. May saw the Swimming ACT presentation night followed quickly by the AGM which meant, of course, the Annual Report. Both of these events have considerable preparation and printing involved and they really do take up a substantial amount of time. Throw in a meet or two as well as preparation for the ACT Winter Championships and the month quickly evaporates.

Still, I did manage some walking and that included a number of ascents of Mt Taylor. Yes, it was a start. Trevor observed that my track up to the top of Mt Taylor from the Colquhoun Street gate was quite rough. It seemed about the same to me. Still, it does provide challenges not available on the two more formal stepped tracks and I like its informality.

May stats ... and these look a little pathetic:
Distance: 307.54km (not even 10ks per day!)
Calories: 12,568
Elevation gained: 4710m

... and what is in store for June? Hopefully quite a few ascents of Mt Taylor working towards 1000m climb in a single day ... we will see how I get on ...

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