Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Homeward bound

Trevor and I spent two nights (and a day!) in Dubai following our week in Jordan. The new sections of the city are really over the top.

Here are a few of the photos I took in one of the shopping centres:

An absolutely huge "waterfall" in the shopping centre

and a skating rink

The bazaar section of the shopping centre

One of the fountains
Having got our fill of the shopping centre we wandered outside and took a look at some of the buildings. The sky was actually murky and I was surprised that the photos came out as well as they did.

In the afternoon we took a "walking" tour of the old section of Dubai. Walking? It wasn't what we were expecting and looked suspiciously like one of the other advertised tours. Our first stop was a mosque:

Trevor in his robe

Inside the mosque

This is a poor shot of me in my head to foot black all covering appropriate clothing

External view of the mosque
By the time the sun was setting the sky was still hazy. There was very little colour to the sunset:

After dark we took one of the water taxis across the creek. There were some 20 of us in the group and we all managed to fit on one taxi.

One of the other water taxis crossing the creek

It was good to be home as I had missed my daily sightings of kangaroos, among other things.

In the late afternoon I did a circuit of Mt Taylor as an effective way of dealing with jet lag and was pleased to see kangaroos in a number of spots around the mountain.

The countryside between Sydney and Canberra and around the ACT is surprisingly green and is a dramatic contrast to the dryness and deserts of Jordan and Dubai.

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