Friday, 15 November 2013

October was a funny month

I have just realised that I had not looked at my statistics for October. On reviewing them I could but conclude that October had been a funny month.

At the start of the month we were in Jordan. While we did quite a bit of walking it was generally in dribs and drabs and was a lot of stopping and starting as we looked at things. Except for the two days we were in Petra I did not track how far I walked. The first day we were in Petra I clocked up 12.5km while the second day scored 7.19km. I suspect that I had lost some distance on that second day.

It wasn't until I got home that I started tracking may walking. Even then there were days with no recorded walks.

I did do one long walk from the National Library home which was 16kms.

All up I recorded a mere 195.07km for the month.

I still believe that I am very lucky to have such a wonderful environment in which to walk. There are so many lovely walks and wonderful views that it is always a pleasure to be out and about.

Having done the Coast to Coast and survived I decided that it was time to pick another walking challenge and I decided that Tasmania in January would do the trick. Trevor is coming too so we are both back in training for climbs as there are a number of peaks that can be tackled. The trip starts in Hobart and finishes in Launceston and takes in Lake Pedder and Lake St Clair as well as Cradle Mountain. We are doing it in comfort by staying in comfortable accommodation rather than tents. It adds to the cost of the trip but creature comforts are welcome at the end of a tough day on the trail.

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