Monday, 29 December 2014

October wanders

Our local floral festival, Floriade, was coming to an end and Astrid had been promised a visit by Nic so we all trouped off to Floriade on the final Saturday (4th). The flowers had stood up remarkably well. There was a heap of entertainment for the little ones, too.

Antony with Astrid and Soren at the back of the giant snail

Astrid on the giant snail

Morning tea break

Astrid in front of one of the beds of Tulips

Some of the lovely flowers
After leaving Floriade Trevor and I lunched at the National Library and then I headed off home on foot.

Of course, October is Soren's birthday. We went out for breakfast on the actual day and then the party was on the following weekend. There were lots of youngsters in attendance. 

The month had been a busy one with swimming activities, too, but I did manage to squeeze in some walking, at least.

The last weekend of the month was spent in Wodonga delivering training in Meet Manager and Team Manager. After I finished the training I set out to check out one of the many rail trails that radiate out from the city. The trails I followed were well marked and generally well maintained. Which is more than I can say for the local bird population. I was swooped and struck by a magpie which appeared to have stunned itself as it flopped onto the track a little way in front of me and just sat there while I passed.

October statistics:
Distance: 333km (daily average: 10.77km)
Elevation gain: 4314m (daily average: 139m)
Steps: 577764 (daily average: 18638)
The elevation gain was a very meager effort

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