Thursday, 25 August 2016

Camino walking day 1

I will cover the second stay in London and the trip to Spain and on to Sarria in a separate post. In the meantime, here is day 1 of the actual walk.

There were ttunderstorms and rain overnight but these cleared by the time we got up. While we packed all our wet weather gear we hoped that it would not be needed.

Breakfast was included in our package as was luggage transfer. After breakfast we delivered our cases down to the reception area by the 8:30 deadline and they were immediately whisked away.

Jen and I trundled off just on 9 o'clock.

Throughout the day we follwed yellow arrows and "mile posts", which came at much shorter distances than a mile. Here is the final one for the day:

The shell is the symbol for the trail, the arrove provides a direction and the distance to Santiago is given below the arrow. After 22.68kn we still have 92.231kms to go!

The initial part of the walk took us through Sarria. Firstly we climbed up a long staircase before trundling along narrow street past ancient churches and a miriad of established catering to pilgrims "doing the Camino".

Here are some of teh churches we came across:

We also crossed a medieval bridge on leaving Sarrai:

There were quite a few pildrims on the trail although a lot less than at the height of the season. While most were on foot there were also people on bikes.

The trail was well serviced by places were you could get food and drink.

While we set out in pleasant conditions the weather deteriorated during the morning with lightning, thunder and then rain.

Jen's coat failed to keep her dry!

As we neared our target, Portomarin, the weather cleared and we even had some sunshine.

The approach to Portomarin included a long bridge over a dam

followed by a long set of steps. This was just what we needed at the end of a long days walking!

All up day we walked 22.68kms.This include an elevation gain of 732m (our information suggested that it would be 230m) with an elevation loss of 787m (conpared to the expected 300m). Those extra metres up and down take their toll!

Apart from fgelling weary and sporting the odd blister we were pretty pleased with ourselves particularly as a bunch of younens opted for a bus rahter tha walking when it started to rain.

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  1. Looks like a good days walking, aside from the rain!