Monday, 11 February 2013

New territory and January statistics

The past week has been a bit up and down. A week or so ago Trevor had been feeling a bit off. It was my turn this week. Everything seemed a bit more of an effort than normal. I still managed to get in some reasonable distance but it was not necessarily at a lively pace. On Thursday night I couldn't keep up with Trevor and trailed behind for most of the walk.

On Thursday afternoon I had a meeting scheduled at Tilley's at 3:45pm so took the opportunity to do a walk between the end of my family history session and the meeting. Leaving from the family history centre, which is located diagonally opposite the Lyneham shops, I headed up towards O'Connor Ridge. While I didn't go on to the ridge I did parallel it and walked along the top side of Lyneham and O'Connor before heading along a path which followed Macarthur Avenue and eventually took me back to Lyneham. Apart from the heat, it was another hot day, it was a pleasant walk.

Walking through the older suburbs gives plenty of time to look at the urban renewal which is all the rage. There has been quite a bit of knockdown rebuild activity although a substantial number of the original houses still remain albeit tarted up here and there.

I have been using Runtastic, an app on my phone, to track my walks. Here are the stats from January:

Distance: 313km
Duration: 68 hours 46 minutes
Calories: 17,222
Elevation gain: 5457m

I did other walking over and above what was logged.


  1. That's a pretty fair effort for a month! I hope you ate something good to justify the 17,222 calories burnt.

  2. Some of the food we ate while on our Great Alpine Walk was pretty good. Just as well we were doing lots of walking otherwise we might have rolled home!