Monday, 4 March 2013

February - walking in the rain

February has been an interesting month.

The first part of the month continued to be hot. From time to time I did check on the fires which had been burning in the Victorian Alpine country. They had continued to burn for much of the month posing a threat to places we had visited during January: Dinner Plains and Hotham.

Trevor and I did not do any big walks during the month however we still managed to clock up quite a few kilometers.

Here are my statistics:
Kms: 324.96
Time: 57 hours 8 minutes and who cares about the seconds
Calories: 13,161
Elevation gain: 4545m (with an equivalent loss)

The blister on my left heel, which I managed to get back in December, came up again. On top of it was a blister on the blister. These are finally beginning to settle and, hopefully, will be cleared up shortly. The blister patches have been great even if a bit expensive. They certainly take the pain out of having a blister.

Towards the end of the month the weather hanged from the dry and warm conditions that had marked most of the summer to wet and stormy. A number of times I came home with very soggy feet. At least I know that my rain jacket will keep me dry.

Much of the organisation for the Coast to Coast and surrounding activities has been done. The flights have booked and paid. Both of the "tours" have been booked and the deposits paid. All the accommodation has been booked and either a deposit paid or paid in full. There is very little else to do except keep up the walking and ensure that we add even more elevation gains and losses into our training regime in the months ahead.

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