Friday, 30 August 2013

A day at the National Archives

This morning we were woken by our alarms. That was a good thing as it means that we are finally getting into the timezone.

Trevor suggested that we have breakfast at a cafe we had found on Tuesday. It was only a short distance down from our hotel. The Victory Cafe was cheap and the food plentiful.

Then for the first misunderstanding of the day. My intention was to spend the day at the National Archives out near Kew Gardens. Trevor saw me checking my "how to get there" diagram and incorrectly concluded that I was going to Kew Gardens. I had said more than once that I was planning to go to the Archives on Thursday ....

When Trevor asked opening times and charges for Kew Gardens I duly checked the details for him. I was somewhat taken aback when he was surprised that I was not going to Kew Gardens.

Trevor changed his plan and decided that he would do something else.

I headed out to the Archives in search of information about my disappearing 3xggrandfather william Maling, oh he of the Maaster Mariner occupation, husband of Mary Smith and father of John Smith Maling. Uunfortunately I drew a blank on William Maling however it did give me some pointers for future research.

Some of the birdlife on the pond near the entrance to the Archives

Another water feature at the Archives

The entrance to the Archives

Trevor appeared soon after I got back to the hotel. He had spent his day walking with three circuits of Regents Park amongst others.

We headed out to have a look at London as night closed in. A dinner stop at an Italian restaurant provided sustenance. We wandered through quite a few areas including chinatown (does every city have one of these?) and finally arrived at Piccadilly Circus. At this point I figured that Trevor had done enough walking for the day and we caught the tube back to Kings Cross.

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