Tuesday, 27 August 2013

On our way

Trevor and I were both up early on Sunday 25 August. This was not because it was Anto's birthday, which it was, but because we were flying out to England later in the day and there were still a few things to do.

Michael collected us just before 7:30am and the whole family went to breakfast to celebrate Anto's birthday. Astrid was a little over excited. I thinks that she associates birthdays with parties and lots of people and was probably a bit disappointed that it was only the six of us.

Michael dropped us at the Airport just before 10:30am and I was a little disappointed that our confirmed upgrade only turned out to be Premium Economy and not Business class. Then, any upgrade is better than cattle class and I was grateful for that.

The flight to Sydney was uneventful and we took off just a few minutes late from Sydney on the leg to Dubai. I worked hard at sleeping as much as possible on the long 13 hour leg between Sydney and Dubai but it was hard work.

In Dubai we check out the Emerites Lounge and were suitably impressed. We will definitely take advantage of their many offerings during our long layover when we fly from London to Amman.

Back in the air we managed some sleep on the shorter hop to London and arrived shortly after 6 in the morning (Monday 26 August). It didn't take long to collect our luggage, and go through the entry processes. We took the tube into central London and then walked to our hotel which is part way between Kings Cross and Euston stations. When we arrived at the hotel we were able to check in so we happily dumped all our bags in our room and headed our.

It was actually sunny ... pleasant after our miserable weather of the past week.

We made our way over to the Liverpool Street station so that we could get a train out to Chelmsford, in Essex, as we were visiting friends who live in a village a short distance out of Chelmsford. At Liverpool Street Station we got SIM cards for our phones so now we can communicate to each other without it costing arms and legs.

Our friend David picked us up outside the Chelmsford station and we spent a pleasant afternoon with David, Margaret and their son Alex and his girlfriend Cat.

By 4:30pm we were both wilting and decided it was time to head back into London.

No photos today ... perhaps in our next post.

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