Thursday, 12 September 2013

Coast to Coast day 10: Bolton on Swale to Ingleby Cross

After yet another good breakfast we headed off aty 9:15am. This was a little later than normal as we were being bused back to Bolton on Swale from Richmond and the bus needed to complete its school run first.

Th drive out to Bolton on Swale seemed to take forever but we finally arrived and were dropped at the gates of the church. Back to that shortly.

We started the morning by walking back to the point where we were picked up from on the previous afternoon. We couldn't not walk the full distance could we?

Next came a visit to the churchyard where one of the residents supposedly lived until he was 169 years old. And finally we visited the church which dates from the 11th century.

Monument to Henry Jenkins who supposedly lived to 169

The church at Bolton on Swale

Having completed the tourist stuff we began our days walking.

Today we left the River Swale behind and enjoyed an agricultural day. Our walking was partly on roads and partly through fields. The field walking included going over 35 stiles and through numerous gates. Some of the stiles were quite a challenge, particularly the ones with very narrow openings. Some of the stiles were less than stable adding a wobble factor to the whole experience.

A very rickety stile

A  stile at the end of a plank bridge

A newly ploughed field

Walking through a field of stubble

walking through a field with a new crop

While the weather forecast was not overly promising the rain held off.

Previously we had walked through fileds that were liberally covered in sheep droppings. Today we had fields that had been cropped and then spread with manure.

Most of the summer crops have now been harvested. Farmers are now planting their winter crops so we also had freshly ploughed fields to cross as well as stubly ones.

We managed to bypass most towns and villages. Any that we did pass through were very small and generally were just a collection of cottages.

At Danby Wiske there was a pub with a sign informing us that we only had 60 miles to go to Robin Hoods Bay.

Only 60 miles to go

We had a couple of hazard points today. Firstly there was a railway line. This was surprisingly busy and crossing the two sets of tracks needed to be done with some care. The second hazard was the A19 which is an extremely busy 4 lane motorway. Fortunately there was a medium strip but even so getting across the road was tricky. Just before Ingleby Cross we had to cross the A172. While this was only a two lane road it took some time to make the dash as the traffic was quite heavy.

Crossing the railway line

Tackling the crossing of the A19

We stayed almost a mile out of Ingleby Cross at a B&B called Park House.

This sign obviously did not apply to us. How else were we to get to our B&B?

The drag up the hill to this farm was worth it when our hostess greeted us with glass of champagne each.

Champagne on arrival

View from the grounds of Park House
 Distance today: 25.56km with an elevation gain of 315m.

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