Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Wandering around York

Today the forecast was for another fine day. The sun was shing when I got up alothough there was dew on the car indicating that it had been a tad cool overnight.

We left for York around 8:30am and ran into light fog by the time we gor to the bottom of our lane. Most of the trip to York, almost an hour, was foggy with the odd patch of sun.

I was planning to spend the day in the Archives area at York University and I duly presented myself and remain there until after the Archive staff had departed for the day.

In the meantime, Trevor was heading off to explore York.

This is his day:

After parking at the university and determining where Lorraine would be researching I decided to walk into the centre of York and find the Tourist Information Centre and get some maps as I did not have any.
Luckily the way into the city consisted of following 1 road, doing a turn and following that road. It was over 3 miles. The roads in York are interesting. I said I followed 1 road which was reasonably straight, it actually changed its name 5 or 6 times.

Arriving at the Tourist Information Centre I got a number of maps.

I had found in short walks in North Yorkshire a York walk titled ''Hidden  York'', through streets and alleys of the historic walled city. It lived up to its name in that it traversed the back alleys of  the center of York.
I did not take many photos as back alleys are not always the most interesting. The ones I did take were of St Wilfrids Catholic Church, York Minister (outside and inside), Botham Bar ( a Roman Wall Tower), a memorial wall to soldiers form various wars, Archbishop's palace where Richard III son, Edward, was invested as Prince of Wales.

[Note from Lorraine: Apologies for the orientation of the photos. They have been roatated. every other application has them correct but when I pull them in to the Blog they have retuen to their previous orientation. Bother!!! ]

St Wilfrids Catholic Church
York Minster

York Minister

Inside York Minister

York Minister window
Botham Bar

A war memorial

The archbishops Palace

After completing the walk, a mere 3.25miles I decided to visit Cliffords Tower. It is all that remains of the Castle. Only about a 2 mile walk there and back.

View of the inside of Clifford's Tower

View from the top of Clifford's Tower

Clifford's Tower sits on a mound ... here are the steps going up to the entrance

One cannot visit York without walking the city walls. The majority of the walls are still in existance. I took some photos of Walmgate Bar as an example of what the walking was like. Another 3.1miles.

After this my legs were deciding that they had done sufficient for the day. I stopped for a 1/2 hour for a late lunch and leg resting exercise.

After lunch I walked back to the University and waited for Lorraine to finish before returning home

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