Thursday, 12 September 2013

Coast to Coast day 11: Ingleby Cross to Blakey Ridge

Day 11 is the toughest walking day of the Coast to Coast. It is long, some 21 miles or 33.6km, and promised accumulated climbs of some 970m.

After another good breakfast we headed off.

View from the grounds of Park House ... the white things are sheep

Park House
 To begin the day we had a climb up through Arncliffe Wood. There were some lovely views across the country we had traversed on the previous days ... when the foliage permitted views!

Part way through Arncliffe Wood our path joined the Cleveland Way trail and we followed this trail for the remainder of the day.

Out of the woods it was time to tackle moors. We climbed up and over six moors during the day. There were a number of jokes about "just one more moor". I think that everyone was a bit ratty by the end of the day.

The first of the moors: Scarth Wood

Looking across the Moor

View towards the coast ... the tall buildings off in the distance are actually on the coast

The moors continued:Live Moor, Carlton Moor, Cringle Moor with Kirby Bank. This was followed by Hasty Bank, Clay Bank Top, Carr Ridge, Urra Moor, Blowworth Crossing, Farndale Moor and finally High Blakey Moor. 
Taking a break before teh rain started


Trevor on top of one of the moors

Looking down into one of the valleys

Neat farmland well below our vantage point

In the background yet more ridges for us to climb

Even mature aged people can have fun ... Ray climbing on to a trig point

More views

and another climb ahead of us

Wain Stones ... a heap of very big rocks on the top of yet another climb

Most of the paths were paved in rock (to prevent erosion) ... slippery when wet ... and hard but better than bog
Just after 11 o'clock it started to rain, lightly at first but increasing as the day wore on. By the time we arrived at the Lion Inn on Blakey Ridge we were a bedraggled looking lot. event with wet weather gear you end up dripping.

The Lion Inn was a most welcome sight at the end of a very long day

Stats for the day: distance 30.54km (we had started a mile or so out from Ingleby Cross) with an elevation gain of 1013m.

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